Support nurse training

Since September 2018 SINTAN IP sponsors part of the study of Stella, a young Tanzanian woman. She is studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4 years). Her family contributes a part as well.

This is her own story:

“My name is Stella Oswald coming from Manyara, Tanzania. I am a fourth child out of five ladies in Frida’s family.  I am 22 years old and I am struggling hard to be the best nurse. I am happy for what I am studying now: Bachelor in Nursing in Bugando University.

It was my dream to become a doctor after my Advanced levels. Bad enough I just missed one mark of having this profession. During the selection I was not choosen to take part in any of the government health programs, instead I was selected for a course in Building Economics in 2017. I attended it for just one semester, it was a tough time for me.

I was so desperate: “ Why studying Building Economics while I knew I had the qualities for something else, why can’t I become a nurse?”

I remembered a research, which I did together with my mother, for a SINTAN report.  As part of the research I visited three dispensaries (Ngorika, Lemkuna and Nyumba ya Mungu). I listened to TBA’s (Traditional Birth Attendants). And I thought, while doing the field trip: “I might not be able to treat women but instead I will have the convincing power on advising them. I can use my strength to influence women to go to the hospital to have a safe delivery”.

This made me think:  “Building Economics isn’t suitable for me” I wasn’t studying peaceful. That made me give up on the study of Building Economics, which was a very difficult step to take.

 Now I feel I am doing the right thing, I am in the right place despite the fact that it is a very tough study. Specially the subject of Anatomy. I feel that people need me, more than anything.

Sometimes being a nurse can be exhausting, but the knowledge and power to help heal other people is what keeps me going in challenging times. 

“I was born to be a good nurse, to hold, touch, to save, to help, to teach, to inspire. It is who I am , my calling, my life and my world . I don’t feel pain on how I lost  one year for being a nurse. I want to thank SINTAN, for enabling me to become  a NURSE”