Studying at the time of Corona

Stella, the Tanzanian nursing student who is sponsored by SINTAN IP tells us about her life during Corona. This is her story:

This year 2020 I am in my 2nd year as a university student at Bugando University in Tanzania. I would eventually first like to give much gratitude to SINTAN IP sponsors and my family support as they  are the winds to my wings up to this point.

I am happy taking Bachelor in nursing at Bugando University, it is among the best Medical universities in Tanzania and does all the teachings well. During My lifetime at Bugando, I actually got very great and supportive friends in which this makes me happier during my studying and my life living in university.

On my 3rd semester, the studying was good it was just that we spent lot of time studying theory from 8:00-16:00 Monday to Friday therefore it is a kind of busy. During my free time Saturday I spend time with my friends at times having my hair clean only if no coursework/test ahead to be done. Sunday I go to church early in the morning, afterwards I spend much time on my online business page in Instagram @snavoculture. I normally do this often during my weekends checking for any costumer order, this gives me much support for my accommodation and meal allowance. Eventually life here at Bugando is not actually bad, I am happy. Due to quick outbreak of the pandemic disease COVID-19, we were not able to complete our 3rd semester final examination on time.

For my 4th semester, we are currently having on online classes; lectures are really trying their best. As for me I sincerely don’t appreciate much the online class due to some facts such as poor network connection, I actually got to move away from home to find network ,I also need to give some time to help with the house works. Due to the reasons I found out I miss some online discussions, its tough when you find lot of notes have been uploaded. In addition, this is a semester that included our clinical practical but we are unable to attend. Though am recently coping up with the situation, as these are challenges that we all face through during this pandemic COVID-19 occurrence. It is just that we need to do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can, in spite of all we go through is to be a NURSE

I believe that every nurse was drawn to nursing because of desire to care, to serve to help and therefore I was born to be a good nurse, to hold, touch, to save, to help, to teach, to inspire. It is who I am, my calling, my life and my world. Thanks to the wind that SINTAN blew to my wings it has enable me to become a NURSE.”