New initiative in Simanjiro District

In April 2017  we got a request through our Tanzanian contactperson in Simanjiro district, in north-east Tanzania, to develop a training programme to assist a number of health centres and dispensaries in the area.

This dry and thinly populated region is mainly inhabited by the Maasai. Large hospitals are far away and often difficult to reach. For their healthcare this population group depends mainly on the service of small dispensaries.

Medical personnel in the health centres and dispensaries is in need of more knowledge in the field of mother- and child healthcare and is very interested to join a training.

Before deciding  whether a train the trainer course is useful, a needs assessment has to be done. In June and July of this year figures about birth- and mortality rate have been collected. But more information has to be gathered before SINTAN IP can actually support a team of paediatricians to go to Simanjiro Region.