Follow Up BEmONC Training

One month after the graduation ceremony of the BEmONC training in August, a four day follow up mission took place. Under the inspiring leadership of gynecologist Dr Godwin Macheku and nurse Rosemary Cairo, from Mawenzi Regional Hospital, four dispensaries in Ngorika Ward were visited. Both health professionals are qualified National BEmONC/CEmONC trainers. Dr Norbert Mchomvu, director of the local NGO Mater Dei Africa, led the mission.

The general aim of the team was to impart knowledge, skills and attitude on identifying and managing emergency obstetrics and new born complications at the facilities in Lemkuna, Ngorika, Magadini and Nyumba ya Mungu dispensaries.

The specific objectives of the team were to assess knowledge and skills of the local health workers on history taking, examination of pregnant women and filling the partograph, as well as the management of complicated labor. Other points of attention were general cleanliness of the facilities, human resources, and the support system (laboratory, equipment, management).

A number of recommendations were made after the mission. Including the suggestion to have quarterly supportive supervision, mentoring and coaching sessions on BEmONC. Also more employees should be trained in future. Specific recommendations for the Council Health Management Team (CHMT) were, amongst others, to review the shortage of staff, and set a budget for renovation of facility buildings.

Dr Mochmvu will arrange for a meeting with the District Medical Officer to evaluate the BEmONC training and the outcome of the follow up mission. Due to the National Electives at the end of October it might take a few weeks to set a date for the meeting.

In the meantime SINTAN IP will try to raise more funds to make a further contribution to improve healthcare for pregnant women and newborns in Ngorika Ward.