Festive Award Ceremony

After finishing the BEmONC training all 14 participants were gathered in the festively decorated TAG-Compassion Hall in Nyumba ya Mungu for a special award ceremony.

The official certificates were presented by the District Medical Officer (DMO), in the presence of the Ward Executive Officer of Ngorika and the Village Executive Officer of Nyumba ya Mungu.

In his speech the DMO praised the facilitators, Dr Godwin Macheku and Nurse Rose Cairo for being such a helpful team to the participants by equipping them with knowledge and skills. He also thanked the training coordinator, Dr Norbert Mchomvu for enabling the training to take place in a very conducive environment and for organizing all the necessary logistics. Finally he expressed his gratitude to SINTAN IP for financing the training.

The participants came up with suggestions about the need for a follow up and supervision. They also mentioned the need for equipment and more staff at the various dispensaries.

Dr Mchomvu, representative of the local NGO Mater Dei Africa, has agreed to discuss the suggestions and wishes of the healthworkers of Ngorika ward with the DMO and the District Health Management Team. It is expected that the district will take action in order to improve the so much needed healthcare for mother and child in the area.

SINTAN IP will do its utmost to raise new funds and find sponsors in the coming period to ensure that medical equipment can be purchased. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is still raging in Europe, possibilities are limited.