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About us

SINTAN IP targets structural knowledge-exchange with hospitals and health centers in Tanzania

SINTAN IP has the aim to contribute to the development of healthcare in Tanzania with the help of parties and persons in The Netherlands and in Tanzania.

In cooperation with the Medical Centers of the University of Groningen, the Erasmus University and several Tanzanian hospitals SINTAN IP organised internships for students in medicine and dental care in remote district hospitals in Tanzania.

Starting 2015 SINTAN IP focused more on knowledge exchange.

Knowledge Exchange

In recent years SINTAN IP received several requests from Tanzanian partner hospitals to explore possibilities of sending medical experts to enhance medical expertise in their staff. SINTAN IP now seeks cooperation with doctors, hospitals and medical centres to build a structural knowledge exchange with Tanzanian hospitals.

SINTAN IP expects to implement this through the organisation and facilitation of train-the-trainers programmes.

Start of Training

Beginning November 2016 a first train-the trainers programme starts in Mvumi Hospital in Central Tanzania. A team of three paediatricians will provide New Born Life Support training for about 24 doctors and nurses. The Dutch team will conduct the training after which a number of the trainees will continue to train their colleagues. The training is centred on the handling of respiratory problems in new borns and is part of a larger plan of Mvumi Hospital in improving mother and child health care.

SINTAN IP finances the travel and training materials like a.o. re-animation dummies.

SINTAN IP is recognised by the Tax Department as an official charity foundation and donations to SINTAN IP are therefore tax deductible.